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One of my friends sent me this story of his experience as a TFA teacher in the South Bronx a decade ago (though he’s no longer there, he is still (thankfully) very much involved with educating disadvantaged kids).  It is one of the most powerful, heart-breaking, enraging things I have ever read – and perfectly captures what this education reform struggle is all about. Stories like this about what really goes on in our failing public schools need to be told and publicized.

- This is an incredibly powerful speech to new TFA corps members by Ryan Hill, the amazing founder of KIPP/TEAM in Newark. It’s one of the most powerful ed reform speeches – scratch that, ANY type of speech – I’ve ever read.

- A KIPP Academy student, Sayda Morales, who is now a junior in high school at my daughters’ school, read this slam poetry tribute to her grandmother at Cultural Night last year. It’s one of the most moving things I’ve ever read/heard.  Click here to read it. (Incidentally, she is also the author of the poem that she reads at the beginning of this KIPP Welcome Video, which is also very moving.)

- Here is a brilliant New Yorker article about NYC’s infamous Rubber Room, which captures how impossible it is to remove even the worst teachers.

- Is blaming teachers for students’ failures like blaming oncologists when cancer patients die? No! Click here, here and here

- The importance of teacher quality – and how few low-income, minority students get high-quality teachers: click here (and click here for slides with data on this)

- Democrats for Education Reform’s call to action on NCLB: click here

- My thoughts on Randi Weingarten and the teachers unions: click here and (saying something nice) here

- My critique of Diane Ravitch: click here and here

- My critique of Jonathan Kozol: click here

- My critique of Charles Murray: click here, here, here and here

- The homework myth: click here

- The underpaid teachers myth: click here

- The hidden teacher-spending gap: click here

- A defense of Weighted Student Funding: click here

- Thoughts on vouchers: click here

- The class size myth: click here and here

- Ending social promotion: click here

- Affirmative action: click here

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