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A Right Denied – The Critical Need for Genuine School Reform – FULL LENGTH VERSION from New School Media on Vimeo.

A shorter (55 min) version is available at

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Further book recommendations are here .

New Yorker article about NYC’s infamous Rubber Rooms, which captures how impossible it is to remove even the worst teachers.

Is blaming teachers for students’ failures like blaming oncologists when cancer patients die?  No! Click here, here and here.

The importance of teacher quality–and how few low-income, minority students get high-quality teachers.

Randi Weingarten’s tough spot.

Teachers unions are not the cause of the dreadful system.

The homework myth.

The underpaid teachers myth.

The hidden teacher spending gap.

A defense of Weighted Student Funding

Thoughts on vouchers.

The class size myth: click here and here.

Ending social promotion.

Affirmative action.

Recommended Viewing

1) One of the key milestones in KIPP’s development was when Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes did a segment on KIPP in August 2000. Don and Doris Fisher, founders of the Gap, saw it and shortly thereafter offered to bankroll KIPP’s expansion — and the rest, as they say, is history.

60 Minutes: Mike Wallace reports on KIPP

KIPP was also profiled in a PBS special called Making Schools Work.

Links to other KIPP videos are here.

2) Stupid in America. This 40-minute 20/20 special dramatically highlights our schools’ failures (click here to read the transcript).

Recent feature of WFS:

OW on WFS [Part 1]

Stories from the Trenches

Story from a NYC Teacher
Dreams of a Wetback

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