Democrats for Education Reform

I’m one of the founders of an upstart political organization, Democrats for Education Reform (, that aims to move the Democratic Party (my party) to embrace genuine school reform, rather than being a major obstacle, which is, sadly, pretty much where it is today. Here is our Statement of Principles, here is an article in the USA Today about the event we organized on the Sunday prior to the Democratic National Convention, and here is an article about us that appeared in Philanthropy Magazine. Thanks in part to our efforts, President Obama has been extraordinarily bold on this issue, starting with his selection of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education.

I’ve posted an appeal to get involved here and I hope you’ll take a moment to sign our petition at:

If you’re interested in more background on why the Democratic party has been so timid on education reform, I recommend these two great articles on this topic: A) What Democrats Need to Say About Education; and B) A chapter from a fabulous book, Cheating Our Kids, written by DFER Executive Director Joe Williams called Democrats & Republicans – But Mostly Democrats.

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